Scholarships and Funding

Scholarship for International Students in Japan

“Scholarship for International Students in Japan” contains details of scholarships provided by various organizations. The scholarship information is based on the annual survey conducted by JASSO.

Essential guide for international students considering study in Japan

This site is a government-approved information site for studying in Japan operated by the Japan Student Services Organization in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship with Embassy Recommendation

You are advised to contact the Japanese Embassy 1.5-2 years before your enrollment. For details, please contact the Japanese Embassy or a consulate directly.

Tohoku University Global Hagi Scholarship

This scholarship is aimed to nurture “leaders capable of creativity and innovation” who will contribute to scientific and technological development.
With the scholarship (600,000 yen annually), the students are promised to be concentrated on their research. The Educational Affairs Section will inform you when the application opens.

Pioneering Research Support Project for PhD Students

The project is aimed at excellent PhD students with a strong desire to pursue studies/research in interdisciplinary, international, or academic/industry collaborative areas. Details will be informed when the application opens.

Other Scholarships

Self-financed students have opportunities to apply for various scholarships funded by Tohoku University and private foundations. You can apply for them only after your enrollment. The Educational Affairs Section will inform eligible students every time the application opens.


Part-time job within the university as a Teaching Assistant (TA) and/or a Research Assistant (RA)

Students who assist in classes or research activities will be paid an allowance (hourly rate). The program provides students with financial support as well as opportunities to teach and instruct other students or learn how to proceed with research activities and construct theories.

School of Dentistry Researcher Development Program

The School of Dentistry has a researcher development program to help doctoral students become international researchers and enhance their research activities. Up to 300,000 yen will be paid per student as travel expenses and conference participation fees.

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship Program

The program provides fellowship support to researchers with excellent research ability, who are taking or have completed the doctoral course and wish to join research institutes such as universities in the future. A monthly amount of 200,000 yen (estimated in 2021) will be provided to fellows in the doctoral course.