Japanese language program

Japanese Language Program at Kawauchi for International Students and Scholars

The Japanese Language Program at Kawauchi Campus for International Students and Scholars aims to improve the participants' Japanese comprehension, and academic skills, while helping them adjust to their new living environment. The program is organized by the Institute for Excellence in Higher Education(IEHE)and held on Kawauchi Kita Campus.  Japanese levels are numbered 1(beginner)through 6(advanced). Students can select classes matching their levels on a range of subjects, such as comprehensive Japanese, reading, listening, writing, usage, kanji, etc. Students in level 4(intermediate)or higher can participate in International Co-learning Seminars on a variety of topics together with Japanese students. Students in level 5(upper intermediate)or higher can take seminars on Japanese culture.

Seiryo Nihongo (Japanese) Class

Dental and medical students/researchers in Seiryo Campus can join this class which emphasizes oral communication. It offers three levels of courses for beginners, basic and pre-intermediate Japanese learners. Additionally, you can improve your oral skills in a weekly “Chatting time” online. Furthermore, a particular class, "Survival Nihongo Class," for newcomers, will teach you how to greet and introduce yourself in Japanese.
For registration and more details, you will get informed at the beginning of each semester.