The Cafeteria "LA BOUCHE" in Tohoku University School of Dentistry


The cafeteria is popular among students for its variety of food and volume, including daily lunch specials, ramen noodles, and western-style meals. It is a full-service cafeteria, and you can enjoy your meal at your leisure.
Opening hours: Weekdays 11:00~15:00

Tohoku University co-operative shops (COOP shop)

Each Tohoku University campus has co-operative shops (COOP shops) that provide students with various services needed for student life, such as bookstores and stationery shops. Halal foods are also served at several cafeterias.

Major services

  • Issuance of Credit cards for Tohoku University students (“TUO Card”)
  • Prepaid CO-OP membership card (“HagiCo Card”)
  • Mutual insurance, such as fire insurance for students
  • Travel services, such as air/train/highway bus tickets, rental cars and travel packages
  • Housing services, such as apartment hunting

Only members of Tohoku University CO-OP can enroll in insurance and apply for the cards. You need to pay a 25,000 yen investment fee (short-term international students who will stay for less than 1 year pay only 5,000 yen), which will be fully refunded on withdrawal from the university.