Program Management System and Student Support

  • Research Supervision

    In the graduate school courses, all lectures, seminars, practical training, and research supervision are conducted in English. A joint supervisory system is established for each student consisting of three or four faculty members from Tohoku University and one or two faculty members from overseas partner institutions. Then, through regular research advisory liaison meetings, students’ study progress is shared, and effective high-quality joint education is provided. In addition, through these meetings, faculty members discuss the content and methods of supervision, evaluate academic performance on a year-by-year basis, and commend and support students who achieved excellent results. This system makes it possible to promote friendly competition among international students and Japanese students, thereby improving their academic and research skills.

  • Pre-Departure Support for Japanese Students

    We offer double degree programs and a credit transfer system with Peking University and Sichuan University in China, Seoul National University and Yonsei University in Korea, and Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. There are coordinators and support staff at the host universities to provide support with course registration and credit recognition for Japanese students studying overseas.
    We have begun discussions with the University of Indonesia on a double degree program, which we plan to establish by the end of AY 2022.
    Before Japanese students go to study overseas, Tohoku University provides pre-departure training to brief students on program details, conditions in the host country, safety management, and other matters.

  • International Student Acceptance Support System

    In 2011, we established the Division for Globalization Initiative to oversee our international exchange programs and provide support for international students. Working together with the Graduate School of Dentistry General Affairs and Tohoku University’s Student Exchange, International Support Office, and Global Learning Center, we have established a system to support international students who come to study in Japan. The Division for Globalization Initiative has faculty members and staff who speak multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, and Japanese, and provides one-stop support for international students, including program information, recruitment, entrance examinations, visa applications, and housing mediation before they arrive in Japan, as well as support with study, life, and employment post arrival.

  • Tuition, Accommodation, and Scholarships During Study Abroad

    The host universities offer systems for full exemption from entrance and tuition fees, as well as accommodation and various other scholarship programs.
    International students studying at the Graduate School of Dentistry can access financial support through the Tohoku University President Fellowship, the Young Researcher Development Program, and the RA System and so on. While studying at Tohoku University, students can make use of some of the largest student housing complexes at a Japanese university, including our University House or International House dormitories. We also have a complete system for Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan (RYUHOSHO).