Introduction of the Universities

Tohoku University

Graduate School of DentistryJapan

DeanNobuhiro Takahashi

Message from the Dean

The Multimodal Global Leaders Development through Asian-Model Dentistry Consortium program, proposed by the Graduate School of Dentistry, was selected for the AY 2021 CAMPUS Asia Plus program. As the only dental school and the only school at Tohoku University to be selected, expectations are high. Since 2002, when the Graduate School of Dentistry presented Interface Oral Health Science as a new concept of dental education and research, we have promoted dentistry-focused interdisciplinary research in collaboration with fields such as materials science, engineering, medical engineering, and agriculture. The concept of “interface” considers the oral cavity as a kind of “ecosystem” consisting of three systems—the tissues that form the mouth, the vast number of microorganisms that live there, and the dental biomaterials, which are essential and inevitable for dental treatment—to which complex forces such as occlusal force are applied. This concept has shown that, aside from maintaining and improving oral health, the oral cavity itself is an interface with the outside world, essential for food intake to live as an organism and for communication with others to live in society. What we learned through this process is that dentistry and dental care are rooted in the culture of a country or region, namely in people’s views on health and life and death. With Asia as a third axis to the West, we need to develop an Asian model of dentistry and dental care, along with multimodal global leaders to apply the model in practice, who are open to diversity. To our partner institutions, I hope we can learn together, and shape the future together, through CAMPUS Asia Plus.

Peking University

School of StomatologyChina

DeanChuanbin Guo

Message from the Dean

Peking University School of Stomatology (PKU-SS) was established in 1941. It is a national leader and pioneer in patient care, education, research and public service. In a world of rapid and dynamic innovations and changes, our mission has remained the same—to set and maintain a high standard of academic excellence in clinical service, education, research, and prevention. As a pre-eminent school, PKU-SS is proud of serving as a bridge connected to the ever-changing world, where we interact and learn from each other across the globe.
I invite you to explore the website and learn more about our commitment to fostering a diverse, efficient, and comprehensive environment for innovation.

Sichuan University

West China School of StomatologyChina

DeanLing Ye

Message from the Dean

Campus Asia Plus is a unique platform for the promotion of dental education and research cooperation in Asia. For West China School of Stomatology, it is our great pleasure and honor to join the hands with our distinguished partners from China, Japan, Korea and ASEAN regions, to create a brighter future for a Asian-model of our profession.

Seoul National University

School of DentistryKorea

DeanHo-Beom Kwon

Message from the Dean

Seoul National University School of Dentistry(SNUSD), founded in 1922, has been vigorously paving the way in dentistry for 100 years. Now with the coming of the 100th anniversary this year in 2022, we are about to begin a new phase. We are on the starting line to prepare for the next centennial as a world-class dental school. At the same time, we will not forget to look back on past achievements and history to look ahead to the future. Just as Korea as a nation has shown, SNUSD also has a proud history of overcoming difficulties that once seemed insurmountable.

To become a global-leading institution, we are continuously striving to better ourselves in terms of educational competencies. And we never stopped putting effort into reforming the educational system, modernizing research facilities, and securing competent professors. I’m confident that the whole institution of SNUSD is eager to and can realize the educational innovation because all of our students, alumni, and faculty members are working so hard to make SNUSD that serves the community under ‘Educational Leadership.’

With the mission of SNUSD to raise future experts who contribute to the health and the happiness of mankind through open intelligence and compassion, we will continue to be engaged in our social responsibility to bring positive change and development to society.

Yonsei University

College of DentistryKorea

Chulalongkorn University

Faculty of DentistryThailand

DeanPornchai Jansisyanont

Message from the Dean

The Faculty of Dentistry, Chulalongkorn University is the first dental institution in Thailand, and we have since been the leader in said field for the past eighty years, all of this is made possible by the tireless work of every staff and personnel involved.
The goal of our faculty is to become a leading, world class institution of education that produce graduates that are intelligent, filed with moral, and possess leadership spirit that will spearhead new knowledges and innovations for dentistry in Thailand, along with serving people.

Universitas Indonesia

Faculty of DentistryIndonesia