The Characteristic of Individuals We Develop

Leaders who utilize interdisciplinary and international knowledge to play active roles in research, education, health care, industry, and government

In today’s global society, where social issues are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, there is a need to cultivate individuals who can draw on interdisciplinary and international knowledge to find the optimal solution from a wide range of perspectives.
The program aims to nurture multimodal global leaders, that is, individuals who are capable of selecting and applying knowledge and skills acquired from a multitude of perspectives, in a manner appropriate to the needs of education, research, health care, industry, and government, while also understanding how these different contexts interact.
Specifically, we aim to develop the following characteristics of individuals:

  • 01.Dental researchers, educators, and highly specialized professionals who pioneer technological innovation in the world of dentistry from diverse perspectives, in educational, research, and health organizations.
  • 02.Individuals who are capable of solving global oral health issues through identification of problems and development of oral healthcare regulation in the public sector.
  • 03.Individuals who can actively contribute to the global expansion of Japan’s dental industry by pioneering the development of laws and regulations and technological innovation, at organizations engaged in the certification and development of dental technology and equipment.