Program Overview

International collaborative education program involving seven universities in Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia

The CAMPUS Asia Plus program is part of the Inter-University Exchange Project established by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). Building on CAMPUS Asia, a triangular exchange partnership between Japan, China, and Korea, CAMPUS Asia Plus sees ASEAN countries join the initiative to develop globally competent individuals and strengthen the global development capacity of university education through the promotion of inter-university exchange.

The Multimodal Global Leaders Development through Asian-Model Dentistry Consortium program, proposed by the Graduate School of Dentistry, was selected for the AY 2021 CAMPUS Asia Plus program. Based on the concept of Interface Oral Health Science presented by the Graduate School of Dentistry, the program is being conducted in collaboration with Peking University and Sichuan University in China, Seoul National University and Yonsei University in Korea, Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, and the University of Indonesia in Indonesia. It provides opportunities for exchange in which students deepen their mutual understanding, with an openness to diverse values, through dental education that bridges the humanities and sciences and collaboration with industry and government.

The aims of the program are to establish and promote dental education/research and dental care based on Asian standards tailored to the environment and needs of Asia (Asian-model dentistry), and to cultivate multimodal global leaders who play critical roles in Asian dental care, oral health, and technological innovation from a variety of perspectives, and capable of contributing to this goal.

Overview of the Program

Establish/Promote the Asian Model of Dentistry

In Asia, the people have similar morphology of the oral cavity and teeth, structure of diseases, culture, and views on health and ethics, and their needs for dentistry, dental care, and oral health has a similar nature. Therefore, it is desirable to establish and promote dental education/research and dental care based on Asian standards (Asian-model dentistry), as distinct from the current mainstream Western standards.
To establish and promote this Asian model dentistry through a partnership between universities in Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia, we will expand existing double degree (DD) programs in dentistry underway in China, Japan, and Korea to the Southeast Asia region.

Model Curriculum for Double Degree Programs

Develop Multimodal Global Leaders

We will develop individuals who can appropriately select and apply the knowledge and skills acquired from a multitude of perspectives, in a manner appropriate to the needs of education, research, health care, industry, and government, while also understanding how these different contexts interact—in other words, multimodal global leaders who effectively engage variety stakeholders in order to develop solutions.


About the logo mark

“CA+inD” (pronounced “kind”) stands for Campus Asia Plus in Dentistry, is an official project name for promoting and spreading the “Multimodal Global Leaders Development through Asian-Model Dentistry Consortium” project with a broader audience.
The logo was created from the letters “CA+inD,” using a color scheme that represents the seven collaborating universities. The left-right symmetry of the curved lines (C and D), rendered to depict the arrangement of the teeth, signifies a global stage. In the center, the stylized “A+” symbolizes the brilliance demonstrated by Asian leaders. The logo presents the project’s aim of developing multimodal leaders with global capabilities.