Admission fee and tuition

  Application Fee Admission Fee Tuition
Graduate 30,000 yen 282,000 yen 535,800 yen
(per year)
Research Students 9,800 yen 84,600 yen 29,700 yen
(per month)

as of AY 2022
*The amount of the admission fee and tuition is subject to change. The newly established amount will be applicable at admission or while the student is enrolled.

Admission fee/tuition waiver

Students who are having difficulty paying fees may, pending application and screening, be exempt from paying tuition (all, two-thirds, half, or one-third of the amount) or be allowed to defer the payment or pay in monthly installments. Likewise, students may be exempt from paying admission fee (all or half of the amount) or be allowed to defer the payment.
Application information will be announced in February and August. Please see the campus bulletin board and website ( for eligibility and the application period.

Insurance for international students

At the enrollment, all international students should take out two different kinds of insurance; “GAKKENSAI and Igakubai” and “Inbound futai-gakuso”.
“Inbound futai-gakuso” covers the actual cost you paid at the hospital.

  Insurance Period GAKKENSAI and Igakubai (yen) Inbound futai-gakuso (yen)
Research Student 1 year 1,520 Varies from your period of study
Master's Course 2 years 2,790 23,340
Doctoral Course 4 years 5,370 43,400

as of AY 2022