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Great Experience with a New Dimension of Life
Watcharaphol Tiskratok
Doctoral Course 3rd year
from Thailand

Over more than a century, Tohoku University has been consistently ranked amongst the most prestigious academic institutions of Japan. Its world-leading educations, numerous research achievements and contributions, associated with global collaborative partners, led to be No. 1 of the Japanese university ranking by Times Higher Education in 2020. After completion of my DDS from Khon Kaen University, I was subsequently accepted as an academic instructor at Institute of Dentistry, Suranaree University of Technology. In order to improve my academic career, I believe that doctoral program could emphasize on intensive scientific research and innovative solution which are necessary for my professional development in the 21st century higher education. Fortunately, I was admitted into a PhD candidate of Professor Hiroshi Egusa at Division of Molecular and Regenerative Prosthodontics in Tohoku University Graduate School of Dentistry.

Almost two years have already passed, my life has also changed together with current perspectives of research in Japan. I have gained a lot of knowledges and laboratory skills not only my main area of interest which focuses on “Nano-surface implant and prevention of peri-implantitis”, but also regenerative medicine in dentistry through journal club meeting and data report progression in every week. We usually share and update knowledge to each other; therefore, I am able to learn other fields what I am interested in. Furthermore, I was considerably fortunate to have a nice mentorship from our supervisors and staffs who guide me intimately how to seek and critically appraised information and how to conduct and prioritize research. In addition to the effective research environment, including excellent research facilities and technologies, professional resources, fruitful collaborations and international communications, it is a critical contribution factor for successful research work.

Regarding living in Sendai which is the modern city in natural harmony, I usually spend the time to visit attractive places, enjoy with delicious foods and also learn Japanese language and culture. Aside from my life in Japan, the Japanese Government (MEXT) scholarship provides fully-funded scholarship for the great opportunity to consolidate my academic goals and new experience in Japan.

Although sometimes I encounter challenging obstacles on the way of PhD student, there are valuable lessons to be learned for achievement goals of research. It would be a turning point in my professional career in the future to always challenge myself for lifelong learning. Graduate School of Dentistry opened the doors and introduced me to a new dimension that will still accompany with me forever. I am proud to be a part of Tohoku University.