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Striving for personal growth
Hazem Abbas
Doctoral Course 2nd year
from Egypt

I came from Egypt to Japan to fulfill my dream of studying abroad, advance my career and gain new knowledge in the dentistry field. I joined the International and Community Oral Health Department in the Graduate School of Dentistry where we utilize data through intensive statistical analysis to come up with better dental public health policies.

Embracing the concept of multidisciplinary research, the Graduate School of Dentistry in Tohoku University have good facilities with good research materials and supplies. Research fields ranges from basic to applied research where it advances most of dental research fields.

The graduate school of dentistry have lot of research collaboration and exchange programs with southeast Asian universities in china, south Korea and Thailand where international students have the opportunities to attend International conferences worldwide and gain knowledge from other’s experiences through competitive travel grants offered by the school.

The friendly atmosphere provided for foreign students here is quite noticeable. Tohoku university help foreign students setting up their lives when they come to Japan and break the huge language barrier through the individual tutor system for each new foreign student. Japanese tutors support foreign students with paper work to obtain their residence cards, housing contracts, bank accounts, etc. The university also offers Japanese language classes tailored to international student’s needs.

Tohoku University also offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities ranging from sports, hobbies, socializing events with professors, to even having research competitions that will keep you entertained during your study period.

Sendai is a great city for studying and conducting research with a lot of beautiful scenery, nature and greenery that is easily accessible from the city center. You can focus on your studies with no so much distractions here.

Coming from a hot country and moving to a cold city like Sendai was really challenging. But, you will still be fine if you prepared for it by buying the suitable outfit. Also, Northern Japan and Sendai as its capital offers authentic delicious Japanese cuisine, especially seafood.

It’s an honor for me to be a graduate student in this school, and I hope that other foreign students will enjoy their studies here too.