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In the field of pediatric dentistry, we focus on general dental care in children in order to promote oral health.

In particular, we are in the process of identifying causative genes and understanding the pathogenic mechanism of diseases that cause morphological abnormalities of the teeth. We also work on control of the form and number of teeth in oral cavity through utilization of information gained through research and development of new tooth regeneration technology through application of stem cells (iPS cells).

Also, by using the previously discarded “milk teeth” as a cell source for regenerative medicine, we have developed a less invasive cell preparation method that we are introducing nationwide to help make regenerative dental care a reality. We also strive to improve the quality of dental carry treatment, the main goal of current pediatric dentistry, by developing and utilizing various materials which help in prevention and treatment of the disease. We closely monitor the current condition of cavities in local children to come up with new approaches to dietary education.


Topics of Research

  • Identification and Functional Analysis of Genes Related to Oral Diseases
  • Development of Regenerative Medical Technology Utilizing Milk Teeth
  • Development of Methods to Induce iPS Cells to Form Enamel or Dentin
  • Development of New Dental Materials for Enamel
  • Development of Dietary Education Programs for Children

Recent Publications

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