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The department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics mainly focus on a basic research and treatment of malocclusion, cleft lip palate, congenital diseases, and orthognathic surgery cases.

In the recent years, remarkable progress occurred in the field of orthodontics with the advancement of technology and introduction of new biomedical materials. Clinical research topics in our department includes clinical evaluation of treatment effects usinfg miniscrews as orthodontic anchorage, the use of functional evaluation, treatment of sleep apnea syndrome, and creative clinical research of relationship between the facial aesthetics and brain functions. As for projects with a biological related studies, mechanisms of tooth movement and mechanical response in chondrocyted and osteocytes, stem cell differentiation and regeneration of tooth derived tissue, and regeneration of tooth bioengineered tooth germ are the main topics in our department. Our aim is to provide contributions to the development of safe and high quality medical care by merging the latest treatment technology and scientific findings into our current treatment.

In addition, we have established an advanced treatment techniques and a pioneer in developing and using miniscrews as orthodontic anchorage and orthpedic correction that is widely accepted among orthodontists all around the world. Many cases are treated by using lingual appliance that requires advanced technique in our clinic. We have been published numerous international journals, invited as international speaker, presented in many meetings and received many awards that contributes providing important information to other orthodontists.


Topics of Research

  • Development of temporary anchorage devices for orthodontic treatment
  • Study on the relationship between malocclusion and orofacial function
  • 3D simulation of surgical orthodontic treatment
  • Clarification of biomolecular mechanism of orthodontic tooth movement
  • Clarification of biomolecular mechanism of craniofacial development
  • Clarification of responses of osteocytes, periodontal tissue cells and chondrocytes against mechanical stress
  • Development of orthodontic materials
  • Clarification of regulatory mechanism in endochondral ossification
  • Development of acceleration techniques of orthodontic tooth movement with physical stimulation
  • Study on responses of temporomandibular joint tissue against mechanical stress

Recent Publications

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