Ecological DentistryOperative Dentistry

Our division is working on research project of regenerative therapy in addition to the education of conservative dentistry including endodontics and operative dentistry. To achieve these purposes, we attempt to develop novel field that integrates conventional conservative dentistry and basic knowledge of regenerative medicine. We are also investigating marfan syndrome which is a incurable connective tissue disease caused by loss of elastic function. Our research group has been developing novel regeneration therapy that recovers tissue elasticity for the dental treatment of marfan syndrome patient. By using these approaches, we aim to organize novel conservative dentistry, which can expand not only for dental field but also for medicine.


Topics of Research

  • Development of Tooth Regeneration Therapy
  • Investigation of molecular mechanisms that regulate periodontal ligament regeneration
  • Conservative dentistry for cardiovascular disease
  • Cell transplantation therapy for periodontal disease
  • Development of novel dental material that posses anti-inflammatory ability
  • Clinical research on dental metal allergies

Recent Publications

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  3. Iwamatsu-Kobayashi Y, Abe S, Fujieda Y, Orimoto A, Kanehira M, Handa K, Venkataiah V S, Zou W, Ishikawa M, and Saito M. Metal ions from S-PRG filler have the potential to prevent periodontal disease Clinical and Experimental Dental Research Volume 3, Issue 4 August 2017 Pages 126–133.
  4. Orimoto A, Kurokawa M, Handa K, IshikawaM, Nishida E, Aino M, MitaniA, Ogawa M, Tsuji T Saito M, F-spondin negatively regulates dental follicle differentiation through the inhibition of TGF-b activity. Arch Oral Biol. 2017 Mar 1;79:7-13. doi:10.1016/j.archoralbio.2017.02.019.
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