Rehabilitation DentistryMolecular and Regenerative Prosthodontics

Our major research focus is the development of next-generation biotechnology to 1) regenerate missing alveolar bone and teeth for functional and esthetic rehabilitation using cells and biomimetic materials and 2) introduce tailor-made diagnostics for prosthetic and implant treatments to prevent further tooth loss.



    Prof. (Chair) Hiroshi Egusa,DDS, PhD, FRCPath


    Associate Prof. Masahiro Yamada,DDS, PhD

  • Senior Assist. Prof. Kunimichi Niibe,DDS, PhD

Topics of Research

  • iPS cell-based oral tissue engineering
  • Biomimetic materials for bone regeneration/dental implant
  • Osteo-immunology in alveolar bone resorption
  • Bone organoid fabrication focusing on clock genes
  • Development of therapeutic protein drugs for periodontal tissue regeneration
  • Development of genome-based diagnostics for prosthetic/implant treatments
  • Basic and clinical research on CAD/CAM-generated dental restorations
  • Basic/Clinical research for dental metal allergy
  • Development of AI evaluation system for tooth preparation

Recent Publications

  1. Watanabe J, Iwamatsu-kobayashi Y, Kikuchi K, Kajita T, Morishima H, Yamauchi K, Yashiro Q, Nishimura H, Kanetaka H, Egusa H: Visualization of droplets and aerosols in simulated dental treatments to clarify the effectiveness of oral suction devices. J Prosthodont Res, 68(1):85-91, 2024
  2. Kurihara A, Nakamura K, Shishido S, Inagaki R, Harada A, Kanno T, Egusa H: Mechanism underlying ultraviolet-irradiation-induced discoloration of dental zirconia ceramics stabilized with 3 and 5 mol% yttria. Ceram Int, in press.
  3. Kakinuma H, Koyama S, Kondo T, Harata T, Egusa H: In vitro evaluation of shape-memory hydrogels for removable dental prostheses and optimization of phase-transition temperature for intraoral use. J Prosthet Dent, in press.
  4. Kondo T, Otake K, Kakinuma H, SatoY, Ambo S, Egusa H: Contributed equally Zinc- and fluoride-releasing bioactive glass as a novel bone substitute. J Dent Res, in press.
  5. Kondo T, Yamada M, Egusa H: Innate immune regulation in dental implant osseointegration. J Prosthodont Res, in press.
  6. Kondo T, Kakinuma H, Fujimura K, Ambo S, Otake K, Sato Y, Egusa H: Incomplete polymerization of dual-cured resin cement due to attenuated light through zirconia induces inflammatory responses. Int J Mol Sci, 24(12): 9861, 2023.
  7. Tiskratok W, Yamada M, Watanabe J, Pengyu Q, Kimura T, Egusa H: Mechanoregulation of osteoclastogenesis-inducing potentials of fibrosarcoma cell line by substrate stiffness. Int J Mol Sci, 24(10): 8959, 2023.
  8. Nattasit P, Niibe K, Yamada M, Ohori-Morita Y, Limraksasin P, Tiskratok W, Yamamoto M, Egusa H: Stiffness-Tunable Hydrogel-Sandwich Culture Modulates the YAP-Mediated Mechanoresponse in Induced-Pluripotent Stem Cell Embryoid Bodies and Augments Cardiomyocyte Differentiation. Macromol Biosci, 23(7): e2300021, 2023.
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Laboratory Contacts

Division Manager|Dr. Masahiro Yamada