Rehabilitation DentistryMolecular and Regenerative Prosthodontics

Our major research focus is the development of next-generation biotechnology to 1) regenerate missing alveolar bone and teeth for functional and esthetic rehabilitation using cells and biomimetic materials and 2) introduce tailor-made diagnostics for prosthetic and implant treatments to prevent further tooth loss.


Topics of Research

  • iPS cell-based oral tissue engineering
  • Development of gingiva-derived iPS cells for safe therapeutic application
  • Biomimetic materials for bone tissue engineering
  • Chemical biology for bone regenerative medicine
  • Osteo-immunology in alveolar bone resorption
  • Development of genome-based diagnostics for prosthetic/implant treatments
  • Basic and clinical research on CAD/CAM-generated restorations
  • Periodontal treatments using free radicals and active oxygen generated by light energy

Recent Publications

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Laboratory Contacts

Division Manager:Dr. Masahiro Yamada