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Division of Dental Biomaterials is a field responsible for teaching and research related to treatment materials and equipment utilized in dental care. We provide support for the remarkable developments in treatment materials and equipment by providing information with a scientific and engineering standpoint based on characteristics and principles that allow both safe and just usage of these materials and equipment. At the same time, we are making research developments in new materials and next-generation treatment equipment that make cutting-edge dental care possible.

Researchers in this division develop new dental biomaterials such as dental restorative materials and dental implant materials to help with current dental treatment, as well as research magnetic materials to apply in dentistry, dental prosthesis manufacturing methods typical in CAD/CAM, and degradation and level of safety of dental restorative materials in the environment of the mouth. This research is giving results in the development of antibacterial implant materials suitable for CAD/CAM and the setting of international standards for dental magnetic attachments.

In recent years, the interface between biomaterials and body tissues has begun to come under attention, and there is a desire for the development of high-functional biomaterials with an excellent biocompatibility. Division of Dental Biomaterials takes on problems such as this that society needs solved, and sets goals to contribute to the growth of medical technology and improvement in quality of life.


Topics of Research

  • Development and Applied Research of Functional Titanium Alloys for Dental Use
  • Research on the CAD/CAM System and Dental Materials for CAD/CAM
  • Research on the Dental Applications of Magnets
  • Research on the Degradation and Level of Safety of Dental Materials in the Mouth and Body
  • Research on Dental Antibacterial Alloys

Recent Publications

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  6. Kotaro SATO, Masatoshi TAKAHASHI, Yukyo TAKADA, Construction of Ti-Nb-Ti2Cu pseudo-ternary phase diagram, Dent Mater J, 2020; 39(3): 422-428

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