Rehabilitation DentistryCraniofacial Development and Tissue Biology

Listed below are the themes of research we (in Craniofacial Development and Tissue Biology) perform. Our research is closely related to dentistry and focuses on bones and teeth. We also do our best to raise our students to be highly specialized professionals in dentistry by holding lectures on the human body, oral cavity and structure of teeth tissue.

(1) Research on the development, repair and regeneration of bones and teeth. A modified version of basic biological phenomena seen in an early development stage is used during the process of tissue repair and regeneration. We aim to identify the shared and unique traits of the two processes.

(2) Bones and teeth have abundant extracellular matrices. Extracellular matrix controls the basis of tissue differentiation and determines the speciality of differentiated tissues. Under the assumption they impact tissue differentiation, we research what functions the various molecules in extracellular matrix have, and when, where and how they work.

(3) We research the phenomenon of the hardening of teeth and bones - calcification. Calcification occurs when the crystals of calcium phosphate deposit on extracellular matrix. We seek to identify the roles of cells and extracellular matrix in the process of calcification.


Topics of Research

  • Development, regeneration and healing of bones and teeth
  • Regulatory mechanisms of calcification
  • Remodeling of extracellular matrices in calcified tissues
  • Regulatory mechanisms of extracellular matrices on cell differentiation in calcified tissues

Recent Publications

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  3. Nakamura M, Yang MC, Ashida K, Mayanagi M, Sasano Y (2022) Calcification and resorption of mouse Meckel's cartilage analyzed by von Kossa and tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase histochemistry and scanning electron microscopy/energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometry. Anatomical Science International 97(2):213-220.
  4. Miyuki Mayanagi, Megumi Nakamura, Akiko Henmi, Yasuyuki Sasano (2022) The visualization of the mineral and protein distribution in the same histological sections of rat calcified growth plate cartilage.
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