Community Social DentistryCraniofacial Anomalies

Our division is a clinical dentistry field specializing in research on the diagnosis and treatment of craniofacial anomalies, including cleft lip and palate.

Together with members from other departments in and outside our hospital, a special team performs treatment of abnormal occlusion and jaw deformities caused by congenital anomalies of craniofacial area, including cleft lip and palate.

The clinic of our department has been accredited by the Japanese Orthodontic Society as a training institute for orthodontists.


Topics of Research

  • Research on the diagnosis and treatment of craniofacial anomalies, including cleft lip and palate
  • Research on the role of immune cells in osteoclastogenesis
  • Research on growth and development of children with cleft lip and palate
  • Objective evaluation of oral sensation with somatosensory evoked magnetic fields
  • Development of a new anti-inflammatory bisphosphonate that also promote bone formation

Recent Publications

  1. Suzuki K, Takeyama S, Murakami S, Nagaoka M, Chiba M, Igarashi K, Shinoda H. Structure-dependent effects of bisphosphonates on inflammatory responses in cultured neonatal mouse calvaria. Antioxidants (Special Issue; Feature Papers) 2020;9(6):503(18 pages).
  2. Tsuchiya S, Tsuchiya M, Momma H, Koseki T, Igarashi K, Nagatomi R, Arima T, Yaegashi N. Association of cleft lip and palate on mother-to-infant bonding: a cross-sectional study in the Japan Environment and Children’s Study (JECS). BMC Pediatrics 2019;19:505(8 pages).
  3. Endo C, Sato T, Yajima T, Igarashi K, Ichikawa H. Innervation of the human incisive papilla: Comparison with other oral regions. Cells Tissues Organs 2018;205(2):93-104.
  4. Kanzaki H, Imai Y, Nakajo T, Daimaruya T, Sato A, Tachi M, Nunomura Y, Itagaki Y, Nishimura K, Kochi S, Igarashi K. Midfacial changes through anterior maxillary distraction osteogenesis in patients with cleft lip and palate. Journal of Craniofacial Surgery 2017;28(4):1057-1062.
  5. Takizawa A, Chiba M, Ota T, Yasuda M, Suzuki K, Kanemitsu T, Itoh T, Shinoda H, Igarashi K. The novel bisphosphonate disodium dihydrogen-4-[(methylthio)phenylthio] methanebisphosphonate increases bone mass in post-ovariectomy rats. Journal of Pharmacological Sciences 2016;131:37-50.

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