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The Department of Comprehensive Dentistry was established on April 1, 2002 in the former Dental Hospital of Tohoku University, as a supportive department of clinical practice for under graduate and clinical training program for post graduate students. From 2006, under the new academic system, the dental training program became a required subject, and this department has played an important role for in aspects of the clinical training program such as management, operation, and guidance.

After the Dental Hospital was completely integrated with the Medical Hospital, this department became part of the Tohoku University Hospital. This department has been involved with educational and research activities of the Graduate School of Dentistry from its establishment, and in addition to graduate student admittance and guidance, the department has also actively worked on presenting research at international conferences and submitting academic papers to the international journals.

Department staff consists of specialists in both prosthetic dentistry and conservative dentistry, creating a secure academic foundation tailored to the needs of students wishing to engage in research work with improving clinical skill after the clinical training program. An individual laboratory and a dormitory room are provided for graduate students in creating an ideal working and researching environment.


Topics of Research

  • Research on periodontal tissue regeneration by applying periodontal ligament cells.
  • Research on the relationship between deficit of teeth, periodontal disease and systemic illness.
  • Research on circadian rhythm of toothache.
  • Research on oral hygiene and oral microorganisms common in senior citizens.
  • Development of effective treatment methods in primary care.

Recent Publications

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