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Our major researches are focus on translational research and regulatory science based on interdisciplinary research, industry-government-academia collaboration research with a view to developing human resources who can take a broad and interdisciplinary overview of oral science through integrated knowledge education.

Specifically, through interdisciplinary research, we have developed advanced medical materials such as nickel-free shape memory alloys, bioabsorbable metallic glasses, and visible light-responsive titanium oxide, and have applied them to various innovative medical devices and materials. In addition, in collaboration with regulatory authorities such as the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), we are also engaged in research on regulatory science, such as the formulation of international and domestic guidelines for various medical devices and materials.

Our division operates the "Division of Advanced Dental Science and Technology" as a collaborative course at the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, and staff and students from various backgrounds such as engineering, medicine, pharmacy, and literature are enrolled as well as those from the dentistry. We are also promoting interdisciplinary research and industry-government-academia collaboration research.

Cranial suture expander using newly developed nickel-free shape memory alloy
(Upper figure) Application of expanding force to the rat parietal sagittal suture
(Lower figure) Micro CT image (2 weeks after application): The suture enlargement and bone addition were confirmed.


Topics of Research

  • Translational research on medical device / material development
  • Regulatory science through industry-government-academia collaboration
  • Formulation of international and domestic guidelines for various medical devices and materials
  • Development of advanced medical device / material through interdisciplinary research
  • Development of medical system applying the latest AI technology
  • Development of new functional food through industry-academia-government collaboration
  • Functional brain analysis of oral functions
  • Application of next-generation synchrotron radiation to the dental field

Recent Publications

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