Center for Advanced Stem Cell and Regenerative ResearchCenter for Advanced Stem Cell and Regenerative Research

The Center for Advanced Stem Cell and Regenerative Research was established at the Tohoku University Graduate School of Dentistry in April 2015. Our goals are to develop technology for cutting-edge and next-generation dental and oral regenerative medicine.

The center consists of the following two divisions: the “Regenerative Medicine Research Unit” and “Regenerative Medicine Promotion Unit.” We are aiming to enhance technological development in basic and translational research applicable to clinical dentistry. The members are comprised of a panel of basic and clinical experts conducting original and interdisciplinary research beyond the boundaries of existing concepts and frameworks.

Director: Dr. Hiroshi Egusa, Professor


  • JSPS Research Fellow Seira Hoshikawa,DDS, PhD

  • Graduate Student Mitsuki Chiba,DDS

Topics of Research

  • Periodontal tissue regeneration using human adipose-derived stem cell (ASC)
  • iPS and mesenchymal stem cell-based oral tissue engineering
  • Tissue regeneration with stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth (SHED)
  • Bone regeneration using octa-calcium phosphate (OCP)
  • Molecular mechanism of bone regeneration
  • Regulatory mechanism of oral cancer development

Recent Publications

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