Department of Biomedical Engineering (Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering)Biomedical Engineering for Cancer

Most cancer cells are invasive and metastatic, and they become disseminated to distant anatomical sites by invasive-metastasis cascade. We will develop diagnosis and treatment methods of lymph node metastasis at the early stages. Our research is interdisciplinary or integrated research based on fluid dynamics, optics, molecular cell biology, oncology, and pathology.


Topics of Research

  • Mechanisms of lymph node mediated hematogenous metastasis
  • Lymphatic Drug Delivery System (LDDS) targeted at metastatic lymph nodes using nanoparticles
  • Assessment of treatment for lymph node metastasis using noninvasive multimodal in vivo imaging techniques such as high-frequency ultrasound, bioluminescence, micro X-ray computerized tomography (CT) and small animal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
  • Mechanisms of activation of tumor cells in distant organs after dissection of lymph nodes

Recent Publications

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