Joint Research DepartmentAdvanced Free Radical Science

Department of Advanced Free Radical Science is a joint research department established by Luke co. ltd. The purpose of our research is to develop novel medical and dental devices utilizing antimicrobial effect of free radicals and/or reactive oxygen species. In particular, bactericidal activity of hydroxyl radicals generated by photolysis of hydrogen peroxide has been studied, and we have developed a therapeutic device for periodontal treatment based on this technique. The efficacy and safety of this device has been demonstrated via an investigator-initiated clinical trial (Kanno et al. Sci Rep, 7, 12247, 2017). Currently, we are filing the application for product approval in collaboration with the company.


Topics of Research

  • R&D of dental therapeutic devices based on antimicrobial technique using free radicals.
  • Development of antimicrobial techniques utilizing pro-oxidative activity of polyphenols.
  • Evaluation of mechanical and biological properties of dental materials.

Recent Publications

  1. Kurihara A, Nakamura K, Shishido S, Inagaki R, Harada A, Kanno T, Egusa H. Mechanism underlying ultraviolet-irradiation-induced discoloration of dental zirconia ceramics stabilized with 3 and 5 mol% yttria. Ceram Int. Online ahead of print, 2024
  2. Shishido S, Inagaki R, Kanno T, Svanborg P, Barkarmo S, Örtengren U, Nakamura K. Residual stress associated with crystalline phase transformation of 3–6 mol% yttria-stabilized zirconia ceramics induced by mechanical surface treatments. J Mech Behav Biomater Med. 146:106067, 2023
  3. Shirato M, Takida Y, Kanno T, Matsuura H, Niwano Y, Minamide H, Nakamura K. Mutagenicity assessment of high-power 1.6 THz pulse laser radiation. Photochem Photobiol. 100: 146-158, 2024
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