Ph.D. Candidate Nattasit Wins Outstanding Poster Award

Nov. 29, 2022

At the 44th Annual meeting of the Japanese Society for Biomaterials held at Funabori, Tokyo, from November 21st to 22nd, Praphawi Nattasit (nicknamed Wee) (Doctoral student, Division of Molecular and Regenerative Prosthodontics) won the Outstanding Poster Award and her presentation titled “Modulation of Early differentiation of iPS Cell Embryoid Bodies Using Stiffness-Tunable Hydrogel-Sandwich Culture” was selected as one of the Highlight Presentation.

Prof. Hiroshi Egusa, Praphawi Nattasit, Senior Assist. Prof. Kunimichi Niibe (from left to right)

The award was presented to Praphawi Nattasit by Prof. Tetsuji Yamaoka at the closing ceremony

Certificates of the Outstanding Poster Award and the Highlight Presentation