Clinical Fellow Dr. Tsurumi Wins Excellent Presentation Award

Nov. 7, 2022

 Clinical Fellow Dr. Yoko Tsurumi (Division of Craniofacial Anomalies) won the “Excellent Presentation Award” at the 81st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Orthodontic Society. The presentation was titled “Pilot study of factors contributing to canine impaction after secondary alveolar bone grafting in UCLP.”
 This study revealed the possibility of predicting canine impaction by confirming the overlap area of the first premolar with the canine on the cleft side and the distance between the cleft side cusp tips of the canine and cleft on 3D images that cannot be assessed with 2D images. The results are expected to lead to the possibility of predicting future cleft canine impaction at an earlier stage than conventional diagnostic timing.

Prof. Kaoru Igarashi, Dr. Yoko Tsurumi, Associate Prof. Kazuaki Nishimura (from left to right)