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Master's Program

With the rapid advancements in dental treatment techniques it has come to be that high-level broad knowledge and the ability to apply it in high level procedures has grown to be expected from co-dental staff such as dental hygienists and technicians.
In addition, to promote dental equipment and dental materials research, which supports advanced dental medicine development, training of researchers grounded in advanced dentistry and oral sciences has become a matter of urgency.
On the other hand, there are increasing opportunities for those not educated in dentistry, including hospital and school nurses, speech therapists and health administration officials, to become professionally involved in nursing care in dental and oral care settings, oral health management, health care education, public relations and other public awareness raising activities.
To encourage such people to develop high-level practical and research skills required in dental and oral research fields Tohoku University Graduate School of Dentistry has established a completely new Master's program.
This new program has allowed dental hygienists and technicians, nurses and other health care professionals, graduates from departments of science, engineering, food and nutrition, and health and welfare to acquire extensive knowledge and advanced research skills in dentistry and oral sciences to contribute to the maintenance and promotion of the dental/oral health of the public.
The new curriculum, designed to provide flexible programs according to students' interests, consists of a wide range of basic and specialized subjects in dental and oral fields:
"Introduction to Dentistry", "Dental Biomaterial Science", "Study of Medical/Dental Equipment", "Food Science", "International Dental Health" and "Community Dentistry".

Requirements for completion

To graduate from this master's program you will need to spend two or more years studying according to the program and earn 30 or more credits from the courses listed below (18 credits from compulsory subjects and 12 or more credits from elective subjects).
In addition you will also need to submit your master's thesis and pass its examination as well as the final test.
In the case of excellent research achievements one year of enrollment will be held enough for graduation.
In addition, in case of employment after the inspection process you will be allowed to take a certain period of time which can be longer than two years to complete the curriculum.

Master's program course table

Division Courses Credits
Compulsory subjects Introduction to Dentistry 2
Introduction to Clinical Dentistry 1
Practical Hospital Training 1
Research Training 3
Specialized Dentistry 4
Special training for master's thesis 7
Elective subjects Dentistry Biology 2
Dental Disease Studies 2
Dental Biomaterial Science 2
Study of Medical/Dental Equipment 2
Food Science 2
International Oral Health 2
Community Dentistry 2
General Dentistry 2
Oral Cavity Nurturing Studies 2
Repair and Regeneration of Oral Cavity 2
Craniofacial Function Studies 2
Dentistry for people with disabilities 2
Dentistry for the elderly 2
Infection control dentistry 2
Craniofacial Regeneration Studies 2
Immune Regulation and Oral Immunity 2
Geriatric Oral Science 2
Oral Health Theory 2
Special training on oral cancer care 1