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Message from Current Students

I am actively undergoing foundational research connected to the clinical field.

Masters Program
Keiko Viviane Kawata
(Country: Brazil)

I entered the school of dentistry at the University of Sao Paulo in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and during my first year I became interested in research and began to visit research labs of the schools of pharmacology, physics, chemistry, and biochemistry. Having Brazilian-Japanese roots, after I graduated I came to Japan with the support of JICA and entered the Masters Program in Medical Science at Tohoku University (Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, Department of Molecular Immunology). There, I came into contact with researchers of various fields and gained many opportunities to learn various scientific methodology and investigation methods. When advancing to the masters program, I thought about medical-related departments, but I ultimately chose dentistry. This is because in addition to clinical research in the Graduate School of Dentistry, foundational research here is also strong, and in my specialization, Periodontology/Endodontology, there is research being done on pattern-recognition machines for porphyromonas gingivalis fungus compound TLRs, allowing me to choose it as one of my research subjects. I am also able to bring this research together with osteoimmunology of periodontitis. Here in the Graduate School of Dentistry, I believe I can perform the research that I truly want to do.

I am very proud of having this opportunity to study in Tohoku University Graduate School of Dentistry.

Masters Program
Hakami Zaki Weli
(Country: Saudi Arabia)

I am very proud of having this opportunity to study in Tohoku University: the educational environment is very rewarding and creative for students, especially under the supervision of experienced faculty members and with the support of other students. Carrying out my clinical and academic duties satisfactorily in the University, I am sure that I will be able to be a confident Orthodontist.
Tohoku University has introduced numerous scientific researches to the field of Dentistry, particularly in my field of Orthodontics. Moreover, it has discovered many materials and techniques that enable orthodontic treatment with high quality and in reasonable treatment duration.
Tohoku University has strong educational curriculum with strategy for personal education. Students are provided with front-line scientific information based on problem-oriented approach. For example, in weekly-held jornal club sessions, we are kept update with newly published international articles with high impact factors. There is also laboratory and paper work that develop our clinical skills.
Traning in the Tohoku University Hospital Dental Clinics is highly advanced: the clinics are supplied with high standard machines and instruments and are supervised by experienced staff members. Students treat many patients with differnt malocclusion and make all appliances by themselves, which allow them to be familiar with various technical trearments. In weekly-held clinical cases presentation meetings, students present their own cases and have discussions with faculty members regarding their treatment diagnosis and results based on problem-oriented approach and evidence-based dentistry.