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Oral Diagnosis


It is said that there are about 220 kinds of diseases originating in the oral cavity. Their causes vary, but sometimes their symptoms partly overlap with those of systemic illnesses or concomitant diseases. For example, there are cases when the cause of gingival bleeding is leukemia or the cause of toothache is a brain tumor. In the oral diagnosis department, we focus on the relationship between the body and oral health and conduct research on oral diseases from oral medicine, oral diagnosis and oral radiology viewpoints.

Clinically, we propel physiological and immunological research on taste disorders and xerostomia. Furthermore, to provide more comprehensive medical treatment, our oral medical therapy takes the whole body into consideration.

In regards to theoretical research, the functional correlation between pain and blood flow is our primary research interest. We have demonstrated proved that vasodilatation and plasma leakage are evoked in the innervated areas (e.g., dental pulp and oral mucosa) when sensory nerves are stimulated in a peripheral direction (antidromical stimulation) (Professor Takashi Sasano: J Dent Res, 1996). garnered attention as an example of neurogenic inflammatory response in the oral area. Please see below for information on our other research.

Faculty configuration

  • Prof. Tetsu Takahashi (collateral office)

Topics of Research

  • Research on systemic illnesses and oral symptoms
  • Research on diagnosis and treatment of taste disorder
  • Research on the diagnosis and medical therapy of oral mucosal disease
  • Research on the functional correlation between pain and blood flow
  • Research on diagnostic imaging of oral diseases

Recent Performance

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Laboratory Contacts

E-mail:tsasano*dent.tohoku.ac.jp (Please change * to @.)