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Molecular and Regenerative Prosthodontics


Our major research focus is the development of next-generation biotechnology to 1) regenerate missing alveolar bone and teeth for functional and esthetic rehabilitation using cells and biomimetic materials and 2) introduce tailor-made diagnostics for prosthetic and implant treatments to prevent further tooth loss.

Faculty configuration

  • Hiroshi EgusaProf.Hiroshi Egusa
  • Masahiro YamadaAssociate Prof. Masahiro Yamada
  • Prof. (Chair)
    Hiroshi Egusa, DDS, PhD
    Associate Prof.
    Masahiro Yamada, DDS, PhD
    Assist. Prof.
    Yayoi Okuyama, DDS, PhD
    Assist. Prof.
    Minoru Ishibasi, DDS, PhD
    Assist. Prof.
    Kunimichi Niibe, DDS, PhD
    Assist. Prof.
    Shoko Miura, DDS, PhD
    Assist. Prof.
    Yuya Kamano, DDS, PhD
    Assist. Prof.
    Akio Harada, DDS, PhD

Topics of Research

  • iPS cell-based oral tissue engineering
  • Development of gingiva-derived iPS cells for safe therapeutic application
  • Biomimetic materials for bone tissue engineering
  • Chemical biology for bone regenerative medicine
  • Osteo-immunology in alveolar bone resorption
  • Development of genome-based diagnostics for prosthetic/implant treatments
  • Basic and clinical research on CAD/CAM-generated restorations
  • Periodontal treatments using free radicals and active oxygen generated by light energy

Recent Performance

  1. Miura S, Kasahara S, Yamauchi S, Egusa H: Three-dimensional finite element analysis of zirconia all-ceramic cantilevered fixed partial dentures with different framework designs. Eur J Oral Sci, in press.
  2. Niibe K, Zhang M, Nakazawa K, Morikawa S, Nakagawa T, Matsuzaki Y, Egusa H: The potential of enriched mesenchymal stem cells with neural crest cell phenotypes as a cell source for regenerative dentistry. Jpn Dent Sci Rev, in press.
  3. Niibe K, Suehiro F, Oshima M, Nishimura M, Kuboki T, Egusa H: Challenges for stem cell-based “regenerative prosthodontics”. J Prosthodont Res, 61(1):3-5, 2017.
  4. Okawa H, Kayashima H, Sasaki JI, Miura J, Kamano Y, Kosaka Y, Imazato S, Yatani H, Matsumoto T, Egusa H: Scaffold-free fabrication of osteoinductive cellular constructs using mouse gingiva-derived induced pluripotent stem cells. Stem Cells Int, Article ID 6240794, 2016.
  5. Yu G, Okawa H, Okita K, Kamano Y, Wang F, Saeki M, Yatani H, Egusa H: Gingival fibroblasts as autologous feeders for induced pluripotent stem cells. J Dent Res, 95(1):110-118, 2016.
  6. Sato H, Niwano Y, Nakamura K, Mokudai T, Ikai H, Kanno T, Egusa H: Efficacy and safety of a therapeutic apparatus using hydrogen peroxide photolysis to treat dental and periodontal infectious diseases. J Toxicol Sci, 41(6): 793-799, 2016.
  7. Ankyu S, Nakamura K, Harada A, Hong G, KannoT, Niwano Y, Örtengren U, Egusa H: Fatigue analysis of computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing resin-based composite vs. lithium disilicate glass-ceramic. Eur J Oral Sci, 124(4): 387-95, 2016.
  8. Harada A, Nakamura K, KannoT, Inagaki R, Örtengren U, Niwano Y, Sasaki K, Egusa H: Fracture resistance of CAD/CAM-generated composite resin-based molar crowns. Euro J Oral Sci, 123(2):122-129, 2015.

Laboratory Contacts

Division Manager: Dr. Masahiro Yamada
E-mail:crbr.mrpros*tohoku.ac.jp (Please change * to @.)