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Aging and Geriatric Dentistry


In contrast to the remarkable increase of life expectancy in present-day Japan the oral health of the elderly has barely improved in the recent years. For example, the “8020” motion has hardly closed in on its goal despite having started over 20 years ago. While it is reasonable that oral and dental health concentrates on emphasizing mouth hygiene as the main cause of tooth loss, odontonecrosis and periodontal disease are both caused by infections, and so it is obvious that we need some new measures given the unsatisfying present condition of our patients.

In this field, while we pursue the connection of oral and systemic health through large-scale longitudinal epidemiological research, we also study and research effective methods of maintenance and recovery of oral functions for the elderly through health intervention  that strictly follows dental and oral health policies. There is no doubt that the ability to coordinate diverse fields such as medical care, nursing and human service will be highly sought in the field of dental health in the near future. Through the practice of medical care in and out of hospital, we are exploring concrete and realistic ways to merge these fields in clinical practice.

Faculty configuration

  • Yoshinori Hattori Prof.Yoshinori Hattori

Topics of Research

  • Analysis of causal relationship of oral and systemic health through large-scale cohort study.
  • Development of new evaluation methods of oral functions in response to diverse modalities.
  • Research of characteristics of oral functions and their change with age.
  • Study of improvement in dental care for the elderly through a multidisciplinary approach.

Recent Performance


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Laboratory Contacts

E-mail:hattori*dent.tohoku.ac.jp (Please change * to @.)