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Advanced Prosthetic Dentistry


At the Division of Advanced Prosthetic Dentistry, we are involved in various studies aimed at the restoration of form and function after the partial loss of teeth, alveolar process and jawbone.

Specifically, we are developing new treatments involving the use of implants, transplants, regenerative techniques and reconstructive techniques in addition to conventional dental prosthetic techniques, and we are actively involved in research based on a long-term strategy geared towards clarifying the background of biological and biomechanical interfaces between prostheses, biomaterials and the living body. We are also working on the development of advanced active-surface dental implants and innovative new prosthetic materials.

In the future, through the proactive clinical application of new treatment techniques and new materials developed as our research progresses, we hope to contribute to an improved quality of life (QOL) for dental patients.

Faculty configuration

  • Keiichi SasakiProf.Keiichi Sasaki

Topics of Research

  • Biomechanical studies on partial denture prosthesis and implant prosthodontics
  • Nuclear medicine and histological studies on bone remodelling due to prosthetic appliances
  • Transplantation, regeneration and reconstruction of maxillofacial region
  • Creation of new biological materials and new interface related to dentistry
  • Long-term prognosis of removable partial dentures and implant dentures

Recent Performance

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Laboratory Contacts

E-mail:j-yoshidaya*umin.ac.jp (Please change * to @.)