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Advanced Biocompatible Materials


We are conducting research on the development of new biocompatible materials, physical-chemical surface structure processing techniques to promote integration to tissue, and artificial hybrid tissues, in order to construct human tissue.

We adjust the microstructure of metallic biomaterials through thermomechanical treatment to meet the strength and ductility required for their effective use. However, due to the fact that passive film forms on metallic materials when inside the body, it is necessary to enhance tissue integration through bioceramic coating in order to preserve their bulk characteristic. Utilizing physical vapor deposition (PVD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) we coat various metallic materials with bioceramic coating and perform tests on them both inside and outside the body to eventually design ideal high-performance interface for metal/ceramics.

Faculty configuration

  • Takashi GotoProf.Takashi Goto

Topics of Research

  • Synthesis of biocompatible membrane through physical and chemical vapor deposition
  • Microstructure control of biocompatible membrane utilizing plasma and lasers
  • Development of cellular adhesiveness and tissue integration enhancing surface texture processing techniques of titanium and hydroxyapatite
  • Development of artificial hybrid tissue exhibiting superior cell affinity, adhesiveness, water retentivity, heat-retaining properties and workability
  • Development of self-organizing displaceable biocompatible materials exhibiting superior strength, elasticity and water retentivity

Recent Performance

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Laboratory Contacts

E-mail: goto*imr.tohoku.ac.jp (Please change * to @.)