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Liaison Center for Innovative Dentistry


The Liason Center for Innovative Dentistry was established on April 1, 2011 in the Graduate School of Dentistry as a coordinating organization that cooperates with both regional and international society to realize advanced education, research, clinics, and social contributions. The center consists of the three sections listed below, and supports research activities and education for international leaders in the field of oral science, dental care, and oral health, as well as retaining functional cooperation with them.

Integration Research Section:
In order to systematize the field of oral science by joining together the different areas of expertise, this section coordinates research activities to promote advanced dental research, interdisciplinary integration research, and industry/academic /government collaboration, based on the concept of Interface Oral Health Science.

International Cooperation Section:
This section coordinates the academic cooperation of Tohoku University School of Dentistry with world-renowned universities such as Harvard University (USA), King's College (UK), and the University of British Columbia (Canada).
This section also operates joint-curriculum programs with Beijing University (China), Sichuan University (China), and Seoul University (Korea), the key universities in East-Asian countries, bringing about international partnerships in education and research.

Regional Cooperation Section:
This section coordinates regional cooperation through open seminars and other such regional cooperative education, clinical support promoting regional dental health, and development and operation of social contribution programs.